Our new wine rack

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Inspired by, ohhh ok, copied from this post over at IKEA Hacker, with the addition of some lighting, we now have a new wine rack. It needs a few more bottles, and possibly the addition of some rubber dots to stop the bottles rolling around but I think it looks quite good.

What do you think?


8 Replies to “Our new wine rack”

  1. This is not a wine rack, this is a dad’s medicine cabinet! Looks great and I think I recognise the lights? Next time we call we will come equipped to fill the gaps – we get the hint! You can get little clear plastic cushioned dots which normally attach to the bottom of things to stop them scratching a surface, but they might do stuck on your shelves and they’d be well nigh invisible. Glad you put your weekend to good use and empathy with the migraine.x

  2. Like the winerack idea – we may have to do something similar, once all our CDs are sorted out and ripped. Well, we’ll see.

  3. Very stylish – and, nice Blue 🙂

    But, I can tell you’re a wine drinker not a wine buff! (our Master of Wine qualified friend would tell you that keeping wine under light and not on its side is a definite no-no).

  4. The lights are LED, so I don’t think they pose as much danger (little to no temperature), and I only stood up the cheap bottles for the photo.

    In saying all that, I’m definitely a drinker and part-time buff (occasional good bottle, mostly drink for pleasure)

  5. Very nice! My Belgian ales would look rather nice on display there, but I assume this is for short-term storage, unless your living room is a moist 55 F/13 C degrees. 😉

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