Reading time: < 1 min I’ll happily admit that whilst I might not be the best at it, I do love a bit of interior design. As such I’ve been trying to find a rug to ‘fit’ my living room. The main highlight colour of my living room is red, with some red striped cushions (from Next) and a red […]

Alright me Babber

Reading time: 2 mins I was in Brizzle on Friday, I mean Bristol. It was a bit damp, but that didn’t matter as I was there for the wedding of a wonderful woman called Ann and a rather charming man called Karl. I had some time to myself during the day, and wandered round the harbour area, avoiding the […]

Happy being ordinary

Reading time: < 1 min I think it’s safe to say I am a fairly average guy, with an average life. I spend my working week at the grindstone, pottering about in the evening, watching TV occasionally, playing computer games, or mucking about on the computer. Weekends are usually full of family or the usual lot of the average man; […]

Our new wine rack

Reading time: < 1 min Inspired by, ohhh ok, copied from this post over at IKEA Hacker, with the addition of some lighting, we now have a new wine rack. It needs a few more bottles, and possibly the addition of some rubber dots to stop the bottles rolling around but I think it looks quite good. What do you […]

Music for the masses

Reading time: 2 mins I’m still ripping CD after CD after CD into MP3 format. I’m stashing all the CDs in boxes and lugging them up into the loft alongwith the CD towers (which might go out later but for now can live up there out of the road… yes yes, we’ll declutter the loft as well). I have… […]

You've been framed

Reading time: < 1 min Given the events of the past few weeks our normally ‘minimal’ approach to having family photos on show has changed. Last night Louise and Susan went to IKEA and she came home with four lovely picture frames in a variety of styles. Tonight she picked out the photos, tomorrow I’ll print them out (after getting […]