Well I didn’t get half the stuff I’d hoped to get done but made a start at the “Big Declutter”. Two bin bags for the skip, one for the charity shop and I’m not even halfway through.

The whole thing has come about because of the big smile that now appears on the face of my wife. Now that I am no longer worrying about her state of mind I have had time to take a step back and take stock.

The year started well for us, a new job for me certainly got me more motivated professionally, and that new found enthusiasm rubbed off at home. I got more organised, more focussed and started some of those long standing little projects that every homeowner has, the kind of thing that isn’t a big job but just needs done, you know the sort.

It is amazing how the human mind works. At her previous job… well I don’t want to say to much, but let’s just say that I think things were going downhill a little (a dip at least) and the management didn’t really handle it all that well. But then, if you don’t realise that the people who work for you need to be encouraged, motivated and treated like adults, then you deserve all you get. Treating any employee like a child and then falling back on that age old “bad manager” trait of blaming things on one person (when is anything EVER the fault of one person?) whilst willfully ignoring the flaws of others and.. well I’ll stop there as it’s not really my place to say anything else (suffice to say that I was very closing to popping in to the office on more than one occasion).


So, with Louise now working for a company that appreciates her hard work and honesty, and returning home with a smile on her face, we are both taking this as an opportunity to start over… a little. First steps are to clear the house of unused and unneeded ‘stuff’, part of that includes finally ripping the rest of my CDs to MP3, and the rest of it will go to charity, onto eBay, or to the dump.

I quite enjoy this kind of thing, it can be hugely liberating clearing out drawers and possessions. Shelves will be tidied, cupboards re-arranged, and I might even have a go at clearing out the loft (rather than just shifting everything up there). I may also consider clearing out some books… but still not sure about that, that may be a step too far.

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You’ll be able to enjoy your space so much more after a de-clutter. It’s true it can be painful to let go of old stuff, but then it’s worth it for the extra space. There is something therapeutic about letting go of unneeded belongings.

Like the new look of the site.

Are you planning any more Scottish blog meet-ups? Would be interested to know, if so! ๐Ÿ™‚

hans says:


Stick it on Amazon or e-bay and put the postage at ยฃ2 per item, a CD or a book is 70p tops for 1st class, and as second class is as fast as first class use second (No Royal mail dont invest in technology to ensure you get your mail slower, they have humans for that).

Now any book that would fetch ยฃ2 is now ยฃ5.50 of pure profit.


I dream of a de-clutter like that. Sadly, I am married to Music-archive Man. Getting rid of CD’s! He’d just as soon get rid of a child.

(big rant deleted)

Does Louise know what a dream you are?

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