Recently I have…

… laughed until I cried at the way Louise’s cousin tells stories. She is hilarious.

… bought some new music. More on that in another post though, but it’s been a while. I can always tell when I’m need a new ‘fix’ because I invariably start listening to old favourites on a regular basis.

… been enjoying the chorizo and black pudding tapas that Louise made. Recipe may follow if she can remember what she put in it.

… been cursing Sky+. I had recorded the European Grand Prix and settled down on Sunday evening to watch it (whilst flicking back and forth to the Open golf). What a race! 5 laps to go and Alonso is harassing Massa to try and take the lead when up pops a message on-screen. “End of Recorded Programme”. WTF?! OK, there were some delays because of the rain but I thought Sky+ could handle programmes that ran over their alloted time. Feckers.

… been loving the BBC and Peter Alliss. Like Murray Walker, he will be sadly missed when he decides to hang up the microphone. One choice phrase from Sunday, describing the impact of the championship on local businesses and of their return to normality: “The local newspaper shop will cancel the order for 9000 papers and go back to the usual order of 10 copies of the Dundee Courier and a copy of Men Only for the vicar.”

… sent away two race applications, both a little late so I might not get a place. One 5K in Hamilton in a couple of weeks time, the other a 10K in Cumbernauld in September.

… enjoyed the professionally quashed double-take I received whilst getting fitted for my kilt for my friends wedding. When I asked when the kilt would be ready to pick up, the salesman said he would just phone “Ehh.. Mr. Humphrey I guess… or is it Mr. Beattie, it doesn’t say”. To which I replied “Well yes, either of them would do”. He twitched slightly before glossing over it. Well done Mr. Salesman.

… spent most of the last two days alone. Well not alone but as good as, for “she who must be obeyed” has had her nose stuck in some book or other. Apparently joking about “just reading the last chapter” is verbotin.

… been writing up some posts for my other blog but struggling to finish them for some reason, just can’t quite pull the threads together properly.

… “enjoyed” a hill session on Sunday morning. Apparently some of our jogScotland coaches have sadistic tendencies! I thought they were all nice and fluffy but no, give them a whistle and soon you are sprinting up hills, repeatedly, until all the oxygen on the planet disappears and your legs go all wobbly. Jim, the coach who took us, said that we’d look back on it and realise we’d enjoyed it, everyone laughed. Dammit though, he’s right.

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The Cricket was far more exciting I’m afraid.

Chorizo and black pudding tapas sound very, very good right now.

Man, I should’ve eaten breakfast today…

The “black pudding” tapas is called Morcilla.

I have some here.
And some chorizo.
And other assorted embutido.

I’m right well stocked.

Ahhh cheers for that. We had it once at a Tapas restaurant in Glasgow and tried to recreate the ‘recipe’ from memory. Wasn’t quite the same (that tomato sauce is the work of the devil!) but it was still damn tasty.


Morcilla is the black pudding part of that tapas.

The sauce is probably similar to the sauce in patatas bravas which are fiery potatoes.

However, good morcilla itself is slightly spicy, so, it may’ve been just a simple tomato and garlic sauce.

Anyway. A basic bravas sauce involves a bit of garlic, some oil, some salt, some chili and a little paprika, preferably pimenton.

Mangle that to your taste.

If the tapas you ate was named along the lines of Morcilla con tomate, then it’s a basic tomato sauce. Any spice you can taste is in the black pudding.

As you say, I think the sauce was just a basic tomato as it wasn’t that spicy in total. I mean, the main spice was the chorizo, with a hint of pepper from the black pudding.

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