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Yesterday’s post highlighted something for me, namely that I really REALLY need to get the miniblog area of my sidebar sorted out.

At the moment it pulls from a account but that means you can’t comment on it, which kind of defeats the purpose for me. The miniblog is supposed to be just that, a smaller ‘blog’ to which I can post shorter snippets and links, allowing me to focus the ‘main’ posts on longer, better thought out pieces.

I’ve tried a few plugins but I guess I need to crank out the hand coding monkey again. Oh well, I’ve got one website to finish then I’m gonna take a break from client work to sort out a few oddities in both this and my other sites. I’ve also got a huge backlog of Scottish Blogs cleanup still to do and will need to start thinking about organising another blogmeet I guess.. the fun never ends.

But that’s a while away yet.

It’s times like these that make me ponder about my incessant need to keep myself busy. Last Saturday, as my darling wife was suffering a rare hangover, we did NOTHING all day. Nada. Zilch. Zero. I’ve not done that for ages, just sat on the sofa and completely veg’d out. I think I’ll be scheduling some other days like that in the future.

But I do find it hard to sit still and do nothing, my boredom threshold is low, and doubly so now that our TV viewing is fully under our control.. adverts? we don’t watch no steenkin adverts!.. of course there is still the small issue of finding anything decent to watch, but that’s a separate discussion (mind you, Jekyll is proving better than I thought..).

Another thing that is crunching on my boredom factor is reading. I’ve not sat down to read a book for ages, although that’s probably because I’ve been reading “work” books recently (Wisdom of Crowds, Emotional Design, Document Engineering… yawn…) rather than tackling the stack of novels in my ‘to read’ pile.

It’s odd that I’ve got the impression of myself that I am inherently lazy and selfish but constantly say “Yes” when people ask for help. If I could be bothered analysing that train of thought any further I would but.. well.. you know.. bored now.

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I cherish those nothing days. I love sitting about all day and just reading a book or watching movies. Unfortunately, all I seem to be able to pull off lately is a nothing night here and there.

These days if I spend an entire day doing nothing, I spend that night tossing and turning, worrying about all the time I’ve wasted. I guess I’ve lost my ability to really relax somewhat.

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