Whilst I remember…

the contact form now works.

you HAVE to read mike’s post about blogging book deals.

Pownce (It’s POUNCE!!! ARGGH!! And yes, I have 6 invites, see the first item in this post..).

John Smeaton, legend or laughable? I reckon his “this is Glesga, if you [the terrorists] come ‘ere, we’ll just set aboot ye” line isn’t a bad thing. The people will stand!

Jaiku, it’s like haiku but it’s not, and I can’t write them, so this isn’t. Yes. ANOTHER social web app thingy doo dah.

MEGA iPhone review, and that’s the last I mention it, for now (ohh ok, here’s a tiny short review).

Nike Triax Vapor 300 looks weird, but apparently a real product, not a mockup.

Thoof. Running short of decent names, are we?

The tenacity of Internet Explorer 6, interesting and slightly disturbing piece looking at the different factors behind the longevity of this flawed browser.

07/07/07 is approaching. That Flickr group is closed but why not capture your day?

… and why can’t I download any of the default OSX applications? Or do I have to go and dig out the CD…

… and, finally, you can now leave comments. Must remember to close the anchor tags in future…


  1. For the standard OS X apps: yeah, you’ll have to dig out the DVD. I think there’s an option called “(something something) bundled software (something)” that gives you a nifty checkbox-list of the apps.

  2. Interesting.

    I used the contact form a few weeks ago and thought it odd that you hadn’t responded. You always had in the past, so I had thought I was in the bad books.

    I’ll try again.

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