This weekend I am…

… mainly travelling down to Reading, by train, on Sunday. I’m there for three nights, so if you are in the area I’m free on Sunday and Tuesday nights. Or if you are attending the X-Pubs conference, I’ll see you there!

That leaves me Saturday free to launch my new ‘homepage’ on my ‘personal domain’. Nothing revolutionary, yet, but it’s the final piece of the domain name reshuffle…

So if you are still using to access this blog it will stop working at some point over the weekend. You’ll still be able to get here just not automagically. Sorry about that, but you were warned!

Other than that, I’ll be painting the hall, in “Classic Damson” and no, not “…in distress, and doing a little gardening whilst my wife cycles round Millport.

And, whilst I remember, I finally decided on the Pakuma Chokora K2 Messenger bag, which I’ll be road-testing (well, train-testing at least) over the next few days.

Thanks to everyone for their comments on the previous post, it has sparked some thoughts and an idea but.. as ever… more on that later!

So, anyone doing anything exciting over the weekend?

Quick update: More on that Arena Flowers thing.


  1. I work in Reading (but don’t live there). Meaning Sunday won’t work, but I could make it for a pint after work on Tuesday.

    I’ll be working on the Islay Walking Week travelogue this weekend. And if the weather forecast is right for a change visit an allegedly quite nice meadow near Cricklade on Saturday. And try to buy some good sunglasses.

  2. We could entertain you on Sunday evening, if you can come to us (we’re a ten-minute train ride outside Reading). Drop me an email if you fancy it!

  3. Grr, I hate when people move their blogs and I need to ficker about with my links – it taxes my nerves.

  4. I have the K1 bag. It’s about the best bag I’ve seen for a laptop and it’s big enough to shove a change of clothes into for a weekend jaunt, to boot.

    Plus it has an extra strap to keep it safe when riding a bike.

  5. This weekend I am being mostly chuffed that you nominated me for Post of the Week.

    Would you belive I got shortlisted? Thanks! Must lie down…haven’t been this excited since Archie Gemmell scored that goal against Holland in 1978…etc etc….

  6. This is really a comment for the previous post, but there’s enough there already….I’m one of the ones that’s been on holiday…as opposed to my usual excuse which is that I just can’t think of anything to say…

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