This week…

… I will mostly be blogging about… hang on.. bloody hell, what’s that noise? Holy mother of all things unseasonal, hailstones! And it’s almost June, what the fuck has happened to our weather, it’s like the whole environment has been turned upside down or something. I wonder if the authorities know about this…

Anyway, where was I?

Ohh yes, this week I will mainly be blogging about the experience of owning a shiny new MacBook, I’ll also be telling a tale of woe involving a certain courier company, and I’ll be revealing why I recently sold my soul.

Admittedly the MacBook stuff is a bit old now mainly because I deliberately kept that purchase quiet. Mind you I’m not entirely sure why I did that, but I’m sure I had a good reason at the time. However it does introduce a slight problem, one which I’m sure many bloggers are familiar.

Blogging is, by and large, about now, the current, events that are happening or are expected, or have just happened in the recent past. By it’s nature blogging lends itself to the immediate very well, and although I do keep a few ‘idea’ posts drafted, stuff that isn’t constricted by time, I rarely plan what I’m going to post here and I guess that’s why this blog has never really hit the heights like those of my peers.

Whilst it’s easy to say that I enjoy this style of blogging, this freeform meandering across the various topics that pique my interest, is the very reason I have this blog, there is a part of me that sometimes ponders why I don’t write about people more often… It’s not that I’m not a personable guy, but I look at other blogs with some degree of envy.

Bloody hailstones, they’ve set me into a winter gloom! How very dare they! Enough of this, I’m off for a bath to ease my aching limbs, all that walking and jogging over the weekend has me more than a little sore. Still, that upcoming 10K won’t run itself!

But before I nip off, which post would you like next, dearest reader? The one about the courier company, the one about owning a MacBook, or the one about the company who bought my opinion with a bag of silver?

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Hailstones there too then? Did the same in Dublin today. Summer? Me bollix*.

Oh, and MacBook, MacBook, MacBook. Tell me why. Probably the same reason(s) as me, namely cool, brilliant, cool and brilliant.

And the selling your soul bit intrigues me as well. I mean one reason is obvious (selling your soul implies monetary reward), but I’m sure there was a little battle in your brain before you went ahead and did it, and other reason why you did it too.

I’d like a story/post with kittens. I think. May be.

Anything as long as it’s not ******* Macs, blogging, or courier companies.

Blog about all three, as at least the first two have something to do with the other…

The third…hmmm…Yes, please. Inquiring minds would like to know whether you’ve sold your soul to either God or the devil.

Have you sold your soul to the Apple corporation? And did they give you a free MacBook in return? If so, then I need you to tell me where I can signup now!

Up to you – I’m cool with any of ’em.

Whichever’s sweariest ๐Ÿ™‚

Hi there – first time visitor and I really like your stuff, so will be sticking around for a while.

As for looking at other blogs enviously, isn’t that just human nature? I always think other people do stuff better, even when I know what I do isn’t that bad.

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