New Lanark

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Having read a feature in the local paper, we headed off to New Lanark today, primarily for a wander along the banks of the River Clyde to the Falls of Clyde. Alas they aren’t that spectacular at the moment, mainly because the water is held back to drive turbines at a nearby power station, and we deliberately decided to avoid visiting tomorrow to avoid the crowds. For tomorrow they ‘unblock’ the river for one day and whilst it would be quite something it would also be quite busy… so no thanks.

However we did have a nice walk and got to see a rare bird, nesting on a cliff face.


Thankfully for once I had remember to take my zoom lens with me… and yes, it is a Peregrine Falcon and chick. More photos to be found via my Flickr account, and apologies to those with a queasy stomach. Yes that IS a birthday cake made of dog food.

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  1. Wonderful – is that a peregrine falcon?

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  3. what a lovely photo – i was wondering, like anxious, if it was a falcon of some sort.

  4. Spot on. A pair have nested at that spot for the past 11 years..

  5. Why has it got a single eye on top of its head?

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