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Nature is a wonderous thing, offering us such beauty and inspiration that sometimes it boggles the mind. Be it a particular cloudscape, a shimmering lake or the steaming placenta lying next to a just-born calf…

OK, it wasn’t ideal to see such a sight first thing in the morning but it certainly woke me up. Thankfully I hadn’t had breakfast (I’m munching on my All Wheat Muesli as I type this). However as spring rolls on, it seems that new-borns are in the air, so let me pause here to congratulate my mate Bill and his lovely wife Fran on the birth of their son, Gregory. I’m sure that, with the many years of loving and careful nurturing that they’ll give him, he’ll soon be a rampant alcoholic likes his Dad. I’m kidding of course, it’s his Mum that’s the alcoholic…


Since returning from Spain we’ve done little of note. That makes for a dull blog, but of course I can always fall back on techy stuff. Which is just as well as the ‘human interest’ side of life is a little flat at the moment, unless you allow me to rant on about the various arseholes I deal with every day on my daily commute. Ohh go on… BMW drivers aren’t all that bad, van drivers can be the most maliciously dangerous wankers, and don’t even start me on private taxis!!


Of course I’ll have human interest overload come Saturday as it’s blogmeet time again. For anyone travelling through from Glasgow, aim to take the 12noon train (GNER to London Kings Cross). The train stops at Motherwell, where I’ll get on, and Edinburgh Waverley. Let’s meet on the last carriage (the back of the train).

If you are still interested in going but are unsure of directions and whatnot then drop me an email (gordon AT gordonmclean DOT co DOT uk).


Which reminds me, a couple of people have tried to contact me using the contact form on this site. Unfortunately, since moving hosts it’s not been working. I think I know why (I need to check if my host has PHP mail() installed) but until then, you can use the email address given above.


On my last day of work before my holiday a calamity occurred. I dropped and broke my mug! This week I’ve been using the bone china, company branded, mugs but they are too small in both handle size and coffee holding ability, so the hunt for a new mug has begun.

As I’m sure you’ll all know by now, I’m a right fussy bugger, so I need a mug with a decent sized handle, and a nice design. My last one was a good size, and a solid dark blue colour with white interior. I’m thinking of going for stripes this time, but have to admit that I’ve yet to find a mug (online) that really catches my eye.

Anyone else tried shopping for mugs online? Any pointers?

And no, I don’t want one of those insulated ones, can’t stand them as … and remember, I’m fussy … the lip of the mug is usually way too thick to be comfortable. Yeah, I know, I know. I’m a freak.


Right, I’m off to price a wireless card for my PC, a DVI to HDMI converter, and a tub of Vaseline. The latter is required after wearing a slightly coarse top under my running jacket on Wednesday night; 45 minutes of friction is sore on the nipples!


  1. Re the PHP(Mail) – if not, drop me a line, I use a completely different function class that works nicely.

  2. Use Boots own brand Petroleum jelly — it’s not a sticky and more spreadable.

  3. Ahh, runners’ nipple!
    Not something we female runners suffer from because we wear bras…
    Lightweight, technical fabrics should help though, on longer runs, as they will wick away the moisture.

  4. I’ve read that putting a bit of tape over the nipples can help … the Micropore type rather than the “Elastoplast” type … if you’ve got a hairy chest(?), then ripping off the Elastoplast could bring tears to your eyes… well, it would to mine. 🙂

  5. Metal mugs are evil, due to the fact that the metal heats up… ouchy on the lips!

    anx – I normally wear such a ‘tech’ fabric, it was the combination of the jacket and the top that was the problem… never again!!!

    justin – elastoplast just doesn’t bear thinking about!! Although I think Louise would probably offer to do the ripping.. lol

  6. I was going to attent your blogmeet, but I was called away to work the weekend down in Birmingham. Next time.

  7. Can’t help you on the joggers’ nipple, but as for mugs, I use one of these in work myself. I find it to be absolutely brilliant, and the message usually does the job too.

  8. Nope, can’t help at all, because I am totally with you on this. It is almost physically impossible for me to drink my drink in a mug that is WRONG. It is too wrong to contemplate. Last time, I found some nice mugs in the Pier (right size (big enough handle), right colours, right SHAPE (don’t get me started on wrongly shaped mugs)) so I bought two. Just as well, as I chipped one. Favourite mugs will always die, so if and when you find the new ‘one’, do not allow it to be the ‘one’ buy two or three, and save yourself the horror of not having a favourite mug when it dies.

  9. Hey chuck. Good luck with the meet.
    My boyfriend has a ‘thing’ about mugs/cups.
    He says he can’t drink coffee (or anything but he prefers coffee) in a mug that doesn’t have a white inner coating.
    And its true that most mugs have a white inside, but why? Does it actually make a difference? By drinking from one of my old easter cups thats all blue mean that i’m somehow ingesting blue colouring?
    Or is it just whimsy I wonder.
    Anyway, I thought you’d relate 😉

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