Ze Frank leaves building

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Ze Frank will end his daily show
Apparently he’s “going Hollywood” and “He’s a self-generating comedic force and magnet for talent à la Judd Apatow, Ben Stiller, Mitch Hurwitz, Imagine—albeit in his nascent state of bloggerdom”. Like, awesome. Ya big sellout.

4 Replies to “Ze Frank leaves building”

  1. Err… He was always going to finish The Show on the 17th of March. He started it on that date last year, and it’s a year-long project/experiment/thingy.

  2. Yeah, but it’s only inevitable that seeing that he’s had so much success with The Show, the money men have come knocking on his door.

    I know that if someone offered me a million or two for “Life Without Toast – The Movie”, I’d totally be driving a Ferrari next week.

    Everyone’s a sellout when the zeros add come to six. Tell me you wouldn’t do the same.

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