Slow Motion

Slow Motion: A Memoir by Dani Shapiro

I bought this book in the local charity shop, solely based on a few paragraphs and a stylish cover (not the one that Amazon have), I’ve been reading it on the way home from work on the train, and have to admit I’m surprised to have quite liked this.

The story of a young lady who has a life she doesn’t recognise, pretending to be an actress whilst having an affair with a married filthy rich lawyer in the boom times of the 80s, and how a car crash provides the literal, and metaphorical framing for her life.

It’s heartfelt and honest and whilst not many people will be able to relate to the circumstances, most will be able to empathise with the “not sure how my life got here” feelings and confusion that Dani has. It’s the story of a rebellious teenager who suddenly realises she is a young woman.

Not for everyone but certainly not particularly deep – at one point in the book some of Dani’s earliest writing for college is described as “skimming over the depths” – but it’s well written enough to keep you turning the pages.