A while back, Vaughan mentioned the most beautiful rainbow he’d ever seen. I commented at the time and always meant to expand on my thoughts here.

But how do you discuss something that is entirely subjective? What is beautiful to me may seem whimsical or down right soppy to you, not to mention that beauty can be found in many different forms, different emotions, different states of mind. Like a balloon swirling in the wind what you consider beautiful is influenced by your ever-changing mood but, whether you are carefree or melancholy, it’s there. Always.

Suffice to say that, in my opinion, everyday you’ll see something beautiful, if only you know how to see it.

And that’s your challenge for today, dearest reader, go see something beautiful.

I’ll start. On the way into work this morning, as the sun rose, I sat opposite a middle aged woman. She sat in the window seat, eyes closed, letting the sun wash over her face, a slight smile creasing the corners of her mouth. I watched her for a few seconds, just an average person on an average day, light up with golden light. I looked away with a smile.

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