Batman Begins

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Well, well, well. There’s life in the old bat yet!

I have to admit that I had fairly high hopes for this being a fan of both the director, Christopher Nolan, and the lead, Christian Bale, and I’ll happily admit that they delivered a solid movie. The descent of Bruce Wayne into misery and his re-birth as Batman is excellently handled, and as I’d managed to stay away from all reviews and coverage there was even a gentle plot twist (telegraphed somewhat but I hadn’t heard about it) near the end.

The movie is quite nicely paced, with no section feeling overly long or too rushed, the actors deliver good enough performances – although Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman could’ve done it in their sleep – and the whole thing was very slickly put together with just enough dirty and grime to make sure we realise Gotham is a city in decay. From what I know of the comics it’s a much more accurate portrayal of the Dark Knight as well.

In fact the worst criticism I can muster is the woeful under-use of Gary Oldman, but maybe the sequel will offer him something a little meatier to chew on, not that any of the recognisable cast had much to stretch their abilities.

The big question is, when’s the sequel out!!

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