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Well, well, well. There’s life in the old bat yet!

I have to admit that I had fairly high hopes for this being a fan of both the director, Christopher Nolan, and the lead, Christian Bale, and I’ll happily admit that they delivered a solid movie. The descent of Bruce Wayne into misery and his re-birth as Batman is excellently handled, and as I’d managed to stay away from all reviews and coverage there was even a gentle plot twist (telegraphed somewhat but I hadn’t heard about it) near the end.

The movie is quite nicely paced, with no section feeling overly long or too rushed, the actors deliver good enough performances – although Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman could’ve done it in their sleep – and the whole thing was very slickly put together with just enough dirty and grime to make sure we realise Gotham is a city in decay. From what I know of the comics it’s a much more accurate portrayal of the Dark Knight as well.

In fact the worst criticism I can muster is the woeful under-use of Gary Oldman, but maybe the sequel will offer him something a little meatier to chew on, not that any of the recognisable cast had much to stretch their abilities.

The big question is, when’s the sequel out!!


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Pretty standard sci-fi storyline (big brother state, underground rebellion) but original enough that it wasn’t a parody or pastiche of the genre. However some nicely choreographed fight scenes do not a great film make. The storyline is a bit thin, and for an action movie there is a slow middle section. Not a bad film and certainly not the worst 90 minutes I’ve spent in the cinema.

For the record I have been told to inform you that Louise loved it (probably something to do with the cute puppy?).
Christian Bale plays the lead well, but is never really called upon to do much more than deliver some cliched lines and look moody. Probably one to catch on TV (late night no doubt).


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