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I was working at home yesterday as our car decided it was bored with it’s old brakepads and would quite like new ones please, and no it wouldn’t stop making that horrid grinding noise (which meant new rear discs as well, ouch).

I also had another physio session, more ultrasound and another lung-busting, leg shredding session on the “stepper”. After that, 30 squats with my heels raised whilst holding a medicine ball out in front of me was… interesting. I’m taking the approach that in the long term it will only make me stronger, right?

That aside I took advantage of working from home to run some lengthy backups of my home PC, and I also managed to update 3 WordPress blogs to version 2.6.1. As long as you haven’t hacked any of the core WP files the process is rather simple and only requires a few steps. All in, excluding upload time, it takes less than 5 minutes.

Last night we went to see The Dark Knight at the IMAX in Glasgow. It was quite something, some of the scenes are stomach-tiltingly awesome and the sound was loud enough to rumble your seat! As for the film itself, I thought it was excellent, a little drawn out but carried well. Needless to say Heath Ledger was the star, and I do wish they’d cast Maggie Gyllenhal in the first movie as well (way better than Katie Holmes).

And, finally, I updated my iPhone with the latest version of the software and, as before, it was a smooth and simple process. Admittedly they do seem to replace the ENTIRE operating system, meaning a 270-odd MB download, but I did read a few reports of people still having issues. It is certainly in the minority though, and to paraphrase a comment I read on this very issue “what the hell do you guys DO with your iPhones that you are continually having problems?”.

Or, to paraphrase a colleague of mine “sucks to be you!”.

* Eagle-eyed readers will have spotted that this was originally posted with no title, and also that when I did add a title I used the word “tittle” instead. Which, apparently, one reader believes are “happy boobs”.


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Well, well, well. There’s life in the old bat yet!

I have to admit that I had fairly high hopes for this being a fan of both the director, Christopher Nolan, and the lead, Christian Bale, and I’ll happily admit that they delivered a solid movie. The descent of Bruce Wayne into misery and his re-birth as Batman is excellently handled, and as I’d managed to stay away from all reviews and coverage there was even a gentle plot twist (telegraphed somewhat but I hadn’t heard about it) near the end.

The movie is quite nicely paced, with no section feeling overly long or too rushed, the actors deliver good enough performances – although Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman could’ve done it in their sleep – and the whole thing was very slickly put together with just enough dirty and grime to make sure we realise Gotham is a city in decay. From what I know of the comics it’s a much more accurate portrayal of the Dark Knight as well.

In fact the worst criticism I can muster is the woeful under-use of Gary Oldman, but maybe the sequel will offer him something a little meatier to chew on, not that any of the recognisable cast had much to stretch their abilities.

The big question is, when’s the sequel out!!


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