Dragged the suitcases down from the loft last night and started compiling lists of things to be taken on holiday. Clothes, towels, toiletries, books, shoes, camera, various electrical chargers, and… well that’s the thing. I keep thinking we’ve forgotten something, I’ve got travel directions, booking confirmation codes, AA membership (which I thought had lapsed but doesn’t expire until 1st August, bonus!), sunglasses, hat, suntan lotion (ever hopeful), travel sweeties (the ones in the tin all coated in white magic dust)… what the hell are we forgetting about?

Friends are going to pop in and water our plants, my Dad has offered to cut the grass, there is nothing I need to get done at work, nor any other “projects”… yet still there is a nagging voice, picking away at my brain.

I wonder if it’s things like plug adaptors, passports and whatnot, as this is the first time we’ve taken a UK-based holiday (other than the odd weekend here or there), maybe my “holiday mode brain” hasn’t yet realised we’re stopping when we hit the south coast of England, or rather the English Riviera (chortle).

Anyway, further planning of the days ahead are now crucial. Firstly I have to consider what clothes I’m going to be wearing, not because I’m a fashion icon or anything (come on people, you’ve seen the pictures) but by and large because my wardrobe doesn’t have a work/play split. The clothes I wear to work are similar to what I’d wear at the weekend, and barring the addition of shorts and flip-flops, what I wear on holiday. So tonight the careful selection of t-shirts begins, bearing in mind that I’m out for dinner tomorrow night, what will I take, what will I leave behind, what will I be wearing tomorrow and Thursday (I’m off on Friday).

Then there is the small matter of a couple of movies that we want to see – Batman Begins and War of the Worlds – but I don’t think we’ll be able to fit them both in to our schedule. Louise is out tonight, I’m out tomorrow night and Thursday is “last pack” night, but I’m hoping we can sneak one of them in on Thursday. The alternative is to go when we are down there, and given the vagaries of the British weather system that might well be an option.

Nope, this hasn’t helped. I had hoped that posting about this might jog the old brain cells into action, what the hell am I forgetting?