Art, fashion, design. They are all subjective. But where do we get our sense of style, our own personal tastes? Are they developed over time, moulded by society and our exposure to culture, or is it a genetic inheritance? A bit of both?

Is my love of minimalist – think Scandinavian (no NOT IKEA) and Japanese simplicity – design driven from my slight loathing of mess? Or is it because I grew up with two lovely Geishas looking down on me from the living room wall, tapestries by my Mother which my sister and I have already started fighting over (sorry Mum, I know it’ll be a while yet!).

Everyone knows what they like, and knows what they don’t like. I don’t really need to look twice at something to tell you whether I like the way it looks or not, so can artists please stop telling US what is art. That’s for me to decide and don’t moan if I don’t think that turning up and tipping out a bag of used teabags onto the floor is “art”. By your own definitions, art is experienced differently by different people, so that has to include some people think that you aren’t much of an artist and should stop dumping your crap all over the floor.

Or is it just me? What is “art” to you?