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A nameless person (well he does have a name but I’m not disclosing it here, he has been popping up in the comments recently though) and I had an MSN chat about THAT article today.

Note: This is edited, mainly to make me look better …

¿Dónde están los banjos? says:
He reminds of a cave man looking at a glacier and saying
“Ug no like hard-cold water. Ug will push hard-cold water back to hills”

¿Dónde están los banjos? says:
You no likey bloggy?
You no ready bloggy then.
The badger faced, turd juggler.

Gordon says:
Maybe it’s because the ‘masses’ are discovering that journalism isn’t actually that hard. It’s just processing information (research) and writing about it.

¿Dónde están los banjos? says:
Actually “journalism” is, I would say, rather difficult.
Printing 6 pages on how big Jordan’s tits are though – that’s easy. As is regurgitating whatever propaganda your lord and master wants the public to see.

¿Dónde están los banjos? says:
Hmm – will you blog this?

Gordon says:
I will now!

Next up, a photo of some kittens (the last resort of blogging!)

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