Ohh go on then

Richard suggested I start the Scottish Blog Awards.

Shauny just said “blogmeet! blogmeeeeeeeeeeeeet!”

Richards idea has been floating around, between the two of us, for a while but would take more effort than I have the energy for at the moment.

A blogmeet isn’t so hard though. So bowing to public (Shauny) pressure I’ve started to organise another Scottish Blogmeet.

With a bit of luck THAT article might just have done me a favour as the Scottish Blogs site has added 24 new members in the last week alone.

Surely we can muster more than two people for the next one – that is if you don’t count the breakaway faction headed by Peter who claim a Blogmeet with three attendees. Hopefully this Blogmeet will finally end the feud* and bring both factions together in peace, harmony and Guinness.

* Just in case: I’m joking, we are a big happy family.