Yesterday is tomorrow

The advantage of having a day off work is having a day off work.
The disadvantage of having a day off work is how it throws your entire week off-kilter.

Today is Tuesday. Today is Tuesday. Today is Tuesday.

The mantra, repeated over and over, won’t help. I’ll spend the day running late for meetings, and thinking I’ve got an extra day to get things done. This isn’t helped by the current state of my bank account (for some reason these facts are related in my head.. I have no idea why).

Our new mortgage is now in place, and we got a nice cheque back as well. However I need to pay the financial advisor, the holiday we’ve booked for next year, and transfer money to the new bank account to meet the first (new) mortgage payment. I can’t do that until I get the cheque into the bank, and they’ve very nicely made it out to Mr and Mrs G McLean. Only trouble is we don’t have a joint bank account, only a joint mortgage. So Louise needs to come to the bank with me to put the cheque in but she’s still ill at home today…

In other words, the funds aren’t all in the right place yet so I can’t actually pay anything and despite having plenty of time to get everything in place I don’t like all that money floating around in the wrong place, I’m apt to take a trip to FOPP and foolishly spend it. Anyway, enough of me moaning.

Our friend has her final fitting for her wedding dress today, unfortunately Louise can’t make it, so I get to stand in.. to a point anyway. I’ll be the taxi service as obviously I’m not allowed to see the dress (no, I know it’s not obvious at all, but that’s what the bride-to-be said and I ain’t arguing with her). The prospect of ferrying the bride, her mother and her mother-in-law back from Glasgow just fills my day with joy. Or not.