Quiet Sympathy

Bit wet ain’t it. Cats and Dogs and all that.

Somewhere in the hazy depths of my memory I seem to recall that I have a dentist appointment tomorrow. Hopefully it won’t coincide with the visit from the plumber, who’s coming to investigate the dripping noises coming under the floorboards in the bedroom (I’ll be checking them myself tonight as well). Nothing like getting all your services sorted on the same day eh!

Still at least I know it’ll be quiet at home. Louise still has no voice, and I’ve found myself whispering along in sympathy. Mind you, I’m not so happy about her chosen mode of communication.

You see I have a habit of getting ‘lost’ in books. I was finishing off another Dan Brown (my Dad gave me four of them to borrow) yesterday afternoon and Louise was dozing on the couch, or so I thought. She wasn’t dozing, she was sitting up, waving her arms and slapping the arm of the sofa to try and get my attention.

Eventually she threw her slipper at me.

That worked.