Isn’t the TV awful on a Monday night. Just as well I’ve got a weekend’s worth of web time to catch up on.

In other news, I almost forgot to mention what Louise got me for my birthday. It’s the best present I’ve had in ages, brilliant in it’s subtle perfection. Laryngitis. No, not me. Her. Think about it…

OK, so I really should stop laughing at her teeny tiny squeaky voice, but it is kinda weird having so much silence in the house. Now I’m not saying my wife talks non-stop but [insert bad Bob Monkhouse style one-liner].

To tell the truth, I’m not sure what’s she gotten me, because she’s still waiting for it to arrive from Amazon. I have received part of it already, although I’ve yet to install it, a shiny black 16x DVD Writer. Finally I’ll be able to… er… “backup” all my DVDs.

In fact I’ve got a few other pressies to get, so it looks like my birthday will stretch out over to next weekend (yay!). I wonder if the peace and quiet will last until then?