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Ohh god, it seems I’m ‘quite cool’. Now I’m worried that:

a. I have a ‘rep’ to live up to
b. I’ll need to improve to be consider ‘hip’ (or do I need to get worse?)
c. my age is showing. I’m not 24 (which is the age most of my brain thinks I am until that annoying bit reminds me that I am, in fact, 28).

Still if someone thinks I’m quite cool, I’m MORE than happy to go along with it.

BTW – does listening to Eminem and The Streets make me cooler?

Mine sucks. My wife on the other hand can remember that tomorrow is Pauline Curry’s birthday. Pauline went to school with Louise, and other than a few hello’s in the pub, we’ve not really seen her since then. Louise can remember the birthdays of most people she went to school with, and most of the people I went to school with as well (different schools I should point out).

I struggle to remember what I’m doing at work tomorrow.

Anyone got a memory upgrade for Brain 1.0?

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