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It’s Friday the 13th (still!) what better day to announce that the new ISTC website is going live.

I have just updated the domain nameservers to point to the new website. It can take a day or so for these things to propagate through the Internet so it might not appear immediately for everyone.

If you experience any problems or spot anything that needs corrected please let me know.

I have still to upload all of the InfoPlus and Communicator archives, but aside from that, the rest of the content should be available.



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I’ve received some nice compliments, both in the comments and via email, about my God of Morning post. I was quite chuffed with it when I published, so it’s nice that others appreciate it. Thanks to all for your generous words. I knew there was a reason I enjoyed this funny little hobby of ours.

It’s Friday, and the weekend looms. It’s been a quick week, mainly because I’ve been so busy both at work and at home. More on that later though.

Tonight I’ve got two nights out, yes I’m THAT popular. One is with the development team and technically isn’t a night OUT, as it’s a games night. Pizza, and computer games. There are at least two Wiis kicking about, and I reckon I can probably grab one later, see if anyone notices…

The other is a night out with ex-colleagues, primarily a birthday celebration but that’s really just an excuse. I’ll hopefully catch up with them later on, depending on the state of the headache I’ve not been able to shift all morning.

Tomorrow morning I’m going for a run, and then I’ll be spending the afternoon clearing out my Gran’s flat, ready for the buyers to move in. She’s moving to a home in Dumbarton next week, so it’s all change on that front. It does mean that my Mum will be much closer, a 5 minute walk rather than a 45 minute drive, and will also allow Louise and I to visit whenever we are through.

And on Sunday my darling beloved wife is home. No more sleeping with a giant stuffed toy in the bed. Umm.. not that I was.. honest (and if I was it most certainly WOULDN’T be the giant Winnie the Pooh I bought Louise several years back.. no no no).

Anyway, more nonsense coming soon, including more on my push to be “more professional”, musings on Vista and a question about Mix CDs. Exciting stuff, huh.

Why didn’t someone say! (ohh someone did).

It’s Friday the 13th, people. Avoid ladders, salt, mirrors, cats of dark hues and cracks in the pavement. If you are reading this from your house GO BACK TO BED. If you are reading this in bed don’t rub it in, ya lazy bugger…

Anyway, if you want me I’ll be hiding under my desk (I may venture out for a cake though, it IS Friday after all…).

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It’s Friday. Bit of an odd week.

All that commotion in the Commons managing to deflect from Tony’s playground answering tactics – where you respond to the current question with the answer from the previous question.

The annoying ‘campaign’ by BBC Breakfast: “How British are you?”. English? British? All the same surely?

Then Batman, dissertations, broken mobile phones and rainbows.

And that’s only in my limited view of my world.

The weekend edges closer.

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It’s Friday, it’s 5 o’clock, what other excuse do you need?

Well for us it’s the imminent departure of a colleague to the sunshine land of Australia. All the best Laura. Yes, I’ll repeat this when you officially finish on Tuesday (cocktails that night?) and of course on the 21st at your official leaving do… but hey, it’s Friday, and there’s a pint of alcohol with my name on it.

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This’ll be brief. It’s Friday, you’ve got better places to waste your time and I’ve got no time to waste. Likely I’ll be working this weekend. Mis-communication at it’s worst. Ho fuckin hum.

Finished reading Michael Marshall Smith’s One of Use. Very good. If a tad odd towards the end. Don’t want to say anything and I would recommend it to others… if you HAVE read it… well you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Things I won’t be covering today:
1. Celtic – well done, although I’m still surprised that the press are surprised by this as they made it all the way to the final last year with the same team!
2. Haywood and Padgett’s All Butter Melters – get thee down to your local and buy some. Just don’t look at the ‘nutritional information’ (you’ll need a large glass of milk to go with them too).
3. The fact that, having just had a deadline re-introduced, that bloody Rolling Stones track is playing again. What is this? Karmic retribution via iTunes??? Time is NOT on my side!!

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It’s Friday. I’ve got a doctor’s appointment just to make sure the mole on my back isn’t an alien and is, in fact, a mole, and loads to do.

The Blogathon starts tomorrow, so I’m taking the ‘day’ off from blogging here (and I’m hoping that last night’s headache and nausea were a one off).

Have a good weekend, and please drop by on Saturday and say hi (any time after 2pm when the Blogathon starts).

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