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This’ll be brief. It’s Friday, you’ve got better places to waste your time and I’ve got no time to waste. Likely I’ll be working this weekend. Mis-communication at it’s worst. Ho fuckin hum.

Finished reading Michael Marshall Smith’s One of Use. Very good. If a tad odd towards the end. Don’t want to say anything and I would recommend it to others… if you HAVE read it… well you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Things I won’t be covering today:
1. Celtic – well done, although I’m still surprised that the press are surprised by this as they made it all the way to the final last year with the same team!
2. Haywood and Padgett’s All Butter Melters – get thee down to your local and buy some. Just don’t look at the ‘nutritional information’ (you’ll need a large glass of milk to go with them too).
3. The fact that, having just had a deadline re-introduced, that bloody Rolling Stones track is playing again. What is this? Karmic retribution via iTunes??? Time is NOT on my side!!

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