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I’ve received some nice compliments, both in the comments and via email, about my God of Morning post. I was quite chuffed with it when I published, so it’s nice that others appreciate it. Thanks to all for your generous words. I knew there was a reason I enjoyed this funny little hobby of ours.

It’s Friday, and the weekend looms. It’s been a quick week, mainly because I’ve been so busy both at work and at home. More on that later though.

Tonight I’ve got two nights out, yes I’m THAT popular. One is with the development team and technically isn’t a night OUT, as it’s a games night. Pizza, and computer games. There are at least two Wiis kicking about, and I reckon I can probably grab one later, see if anyone notices…

The other is a night out with ex-colleagues, primarily a birthday celebration but that’s really just an excuse. I’ll hopefully catch up with them later on, depending on the state of the headache I’ve not been able to shift all morning.

Tomorrow morning I’m going for a run, and then I’ll be spending the afternoon clearing out my Gran’s flat, ready for the buyers to move in. She’s moving to a home in Dumbarton next week, so it’s all change on that front. It does mean that my Mum will be much closer, a 5 minute walk rather than a 45 minute drive, and will also allow Louise and I to visit whenever we are through.

And on Sunday my darling beloved wife is home. No more sleeping with a giant stuffed toy in the bed. Umm.. not that I was.. honest (and if I was it most certainly WOULDN’T be the giant Winnie the Pooh I bought Louise several years back.. no no no).

Anyway, more nonsense coming soon, including more on my push to be “more professional”, musings on Vista and a question about Mix CDs. Exciting stuff, huh.

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Andy N says:

Hi Gordon,

I’ve had Nokia 5110, 8210 (my favourite, and no trouble with the buttons) 6200 and the current one whose model number I forget, a 7*** which has an FM radio and for the first time in my collection, bluetooth. I also own a Dell X30i which I use to talk to my brother with Skype. (I have an LG Chocolate tucked away in the cupboard too)

I love the huge ship moving ships.

Also the maldivian floatboat.

The CSS is beyond me.

The writing triangle is very interesting.

Comments for the sideblog appear to be gone!

Did you have a link to that wonderful site with the conceptual VW microcamper. If so, have you seen it recently?


Hi Andy,

Nope, I didn’t have a link to the VW microcamper, and yes comments have gone from the sideblog for the time being (until I can get the damn thing to WORK properly). You really should visit more often you know, I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before now… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Yep, definitely mentioned before, however I’ve become an RSS junkie, and I use two of your feeds instead of visiting as a rule.

I’ve linked the verdier site, which I think I found via you in the first place. If not, then take a look. I love it.

There is nothing wrong with sleeping with a stuffed toy. I have shared my bed with the same animal since I was a child. Perhaps that’s why I can’t get a boyfriend?

Ian's mum says:

Hi Gordon are you taking over the whole of the internet? Wherever I I go there you are. Not complaining you understand i just wish I knew what you are all talking about! love to Louise.


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