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1. FilmWise: Invisible Quizzes.
I received one of these by email the other day, and have since spent hours racking my brain cell. I can’t complete one, what the hell am I going to do with 162 different quizzes to get through!!

(Thankfully answers ARE available…)

2. Miniclip.com – free games
My Dad and I frequently exchange emails at 2 in the morning (I’ve inherited his ‘up in the middle of the night for no real reason’ gene). He sent me a link to this site and then, a few days later, Graybo linked to one of the games too. It’s fate I tell ya!

3. Play Rock Paper Scissors, properly now!

4. Not sure what to do at the weekend? Try a decision maker: the famous Magic 8-Ball, or the homemade Yes/No chooser (ingredients required).

5. Try your hand at some Origami, adult style.

6. For the ultimate Friday Fun, push all the desks in your office to one side of the room and have a game of British Bulldog (Just don’t come crying to me!)

(That last entry always reminds me of Why Don’t You for some reason, and is it just me or do you only remember the “Norn Iron” presenters?)

Right, that’s me, too darn busy to spend the afternoon playing games… I’m off. Have a good one whatever you do.

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What games did you play when you were younger? Hide and seek? Tig? British Bulldog? Hopscotch? My favourite was probably ‘ball tig’. Mainly because I was a lot better at throwing a ball than kicking a ball (born true by my preference for basketball over football).

Louise’s birthday yesterday. Quiet day to ourselves. Wandered round the shops, had coffee at our favourite little place (Crema in Hamilton), and started thinking about getting a new bathroom – hey it was her birthday so if she wanted to trail round DIY stores who am I to say no? 😉

I cooked Chicken and Mushroom Stroganoff for dinner, I would give you a recipe but I wasn’t really following one, kinda used this one, and guessed amounts based on other recipes. It was delicious if I say so myself, chocolate gateau followed (bought), all accompanied by a very drinkable Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon. Yum.

Got out a couple of movies to watch: Spy Game, and The Score. Spy Game was good, Robert Redford and Brad Pitt were, as ever, solid, reliable and believable, nice story, and it will probably make it’s way into our collection at some point. The Score was average. Robert de Niro was, well Robert de Niro. This kinda role he can do in his sleep. Edward Norton was superb. I’ve yet to be disappointed by him, and he seems to be very adaptable to differing roles.

Today: washed car, tidied house, tried to cut grass but lawnmower appears to have died quietly in it’s sleep – which is odd as I always thought it would go out in style, a big bang and lots of smoke or something – my parents and sister are coming over, and we are all going out to dinner, probably DiMaggio’s. Good food, good wine, good company. What a great way to round off a weekend!


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Dammit, Vaughan keeps making me think… (actually it wasTinka).

We live in an age of instant communications. Why write a letter when you can email someone and receive a response in hours rather than days (depending on the person of course). Want the latest news? Check out your constantly streaming ticker app, hey, it even flashes if the news is really important! Got a mobile phone? Send a quick txt msg! (see I DO know all the clever …ehhh …textisms??)

Except surely it would be quicker to speak to the person. You know, you create noise from your mouth and the person on the other end of the phone interprets it and replies in kind… conversation I think they call it. Wow, what a radical concept, think it will ever catch on? Tell you what I’ll run it past the group of schoolkids I saw the other day, standing at the school gates, mobile phones in hand, txting away. Whatever happened to British Bulldog?

I should point out that this is a HUGE case of ‘pot… kettle… black’. I am easily the worldest worst for NOT keeping in touch with people. Ask anyone I went to school with, actually don’t bother, they’ll have forgotten who I am by now.

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