Out of touch

Dammit, Vaughan keeps making me think… (actually it wasTinka).

We live in an age of instant communications. Why write a letter when you can email someone and receive a response in hours rather than days (depending on the person of course). Want the latest news? Check out your constantly streaming ticker app, hey, it even flashes if the news is really important! Got a mobile phone? Send a quick txt msg! (see I DO know all the clever …ehhh …textisms??)

Except surely it would be quicker to speak to the person. You know, you create noise from your mouth and the person on the other end of the phone interprets it and replies in kind… conversation I think they call it. Wow, what a radical concept, think it will ever catch on? Tell you what I’ll run it past the group of schoolkids I saw the other day, standing at the school gates, mobile phones in hand, txting away. Whatever happened to British Bulldog?

I should point out that this is a HUGE case of ‘pot… kettle… black’. I am easily the worldest worst for NOT keeping in touch with people. Ask anyone I went to school with, actually don’t bother, they’ll have forgotten who I am by now.