Friday Fun

1. FilmWise: Invisible Quizzes.
I received one of these by email the other day, and have since spent hours racking my brain cell. I can’t complete one, what the hell am I going to do with 162 different quizzes to get through!!

(Thankfully answers ARE available…)

2. – free games
My Dad and I frequently exchange emails at 2 in the morning (I’ve inherited his ‘up in the middle of the night for no real reason’ gene). He sent me a link to this site and then, a few days later, Graybo linked to one of the games too. It’s fate I tell ya!

3. Play Rock Paper Scissors, properly now!

4. Not sure what to do at the weekend? Try a decision maker: the famous Magic 8-Ball, or the homemade Yes/No chooser (ingredients required).

5. Try your hand at some Origami, adult style.

6. For the ultimate Friday Fun, push all the desks in your office to one side of the room and have a game of British Bulldog (Just don’t come crying to me!)

(That last entry always reminds me of Why Don’t You for some reason, and is it just me or do you only remember the “Norn Iron” presenters?)

Right, that’s me, too darn busy to spend the afternoon playing games… I’m off. Have a good one whatever you do.