Getting on track

Friday night, a delicious dinner at Stravaigin then on to drinks until the wee small hours.

Saturday a leisurely, lazy lie-in then it was off to Custom Inc to get booked in for some ink (roll on 8th March), and a trawl round DFS for a new sofa (delivered in 11 weeks, yes, cheap and cheerful, but it’ll do for now).

Visited my Mum on Saturday night, she’s much brighter every time I see her, and she’s starting to get some movement in her upper arm. Still slow progress, but it’s progress and that’s all that matters. Her sense of humour hasn’t ever really left her, and seeing her giggling away really helps us all.

Today, I’m going to finish off a couple of things that have been hanging over me for a few months now. Whilst they’ve not been the main cause of stress, they are still adding to a myriad of things that have made the last month pretty heavy going. I have been at my grumpiest, and certainly not firing on all cylinders but I’m determined to get past all that, get my head in a good place (as much as it ever is) and, in essence, get this year started properly.

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