Square root of 1

So we’ve switched Estate Agents, and taken a different approach with the price. Fingers crossed it gets us a result although, on the news yesterday it was announced that the housing market has slowed again so I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Life continues, of course, and last night I was at the Klaxons gig in King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow. It’s a small, sweaty venue and when the band finally decided to come on stage it was a fairly short if manic gig. Good stuff indeed.

Hopefully this weekend (if I can fathom my way to the bottom of the Odeon online booking system) I’m off out for sushi and to catch Inception which is getting rave reviews. I’m seeing mention in comparison to Memento, one of my favourite movies of the past 10 years, so it should be good!

I’ve got a few other nights out, including a brewery tour, coming up soon which should all be fun and will be heading through to Edinburgh for some festival fun at some point as well. Ohh yeah, and I’ve signed up for Glastonbury next year as well.

All in all things aren’t going too badly.

Mind you, I’m not mentioning the fact that I went to join a gym near my office the other day, had a tour of the facilities and it was only when the monthly rate was mentioned that I started to realise I was in the wrong gym… no I’m not mentioning that AT ALL.



  1. I once took a mouldy packet of tomatoes back to Morrison’s to ask for my money back. The assistant said she was sorry that she couldn’t give me a refund as I had bought them in Asda – pretty obvious from the large green label that said Asda right on the front of course…….. It’ll be that old devil called heredity rearing its ugly head again

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