The Drugs Work

On Monday evening we got home to a slightly limping cat. He had a sore paw which we really didn’t want us to touch, and was generally moping about feeling sorry for himself. He seemed a bit better yesterday morning so we left him to it and went to work.

However when we got home last night he was limping heavily and his paw and leg were starting to look swollen so it was off to the emergency vet where he got a couple of injections, an anti-biotic to fight any infection and an anti-inflammatory to help with the pain and keep the swelling down.

He was a bit groggy when we got home so we pulled his bed into the living room, and put his food within easy reach. He had a wee nibble at some of his food and then fell asleep.

We were told to try and keep him calm and not let him go out for the night, which wasn’t a big issue as he ended up sleeping through until morning. He will be back at the vet later today, but he was up and about without much of a limp this morning.


  1. That’ll be the better part of fifty quid, please and thank you. Good to get it early though, as treating an abcess would be even more expensive.

  2. Hi Gordon,

    Graybo has not been to any vets in this area then?
    I know what it cost you through our mutual friend. I think that when Simba was ill from New Year to April, when we said goodbye to him, we parted with £600 maybe more, I gave up counting.
    However I think you did the right thing, not that Ollie will thank you for it!!
    Enjoy him.

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