Fat man thin?

Our eldest niece has her graduation ceremony this evening. As is the way of these things, only two people can attend so her Mum and Aunt Louise are going along.

As I’ll be at a loose end, and as it is late night shopping night in Glasgow, I thought I’d nip in a get a couple of new shirts for work to replace a couple that have seen better days.

However I realised that it has been a while since I checked through my wardrobe so last night I took 10 minutes to rifle through some shirts that have been hanging there, untouched, for a some time now. They are a direct result of the vagaries of sizing and whilst they SAY they are the same size as my other shirts, they are most definitely not!

Imagine my surprise and, I admit, delight, to find that all bar one of them now fit me. It’s like getting free clothes. It probably means I’ve also just ‘acquired’ a couple of pairs of jeans and a jumper or two, all of which have been languishing at the bottom of drawers, hidden away in shame.

I can’t say that I’ve been particularly good on the diet or exercise front recently so it bodes well that the weight is slowly (ohhh so very slowly) dropping off and I might even be so bold as to predict that by Christmas I’ll heading towards the lower end of the 15 stone scale. Or, you know, I might not be that bold because been here, done that, ate the pizza and failed!

It is a nice feeling though, a wee pickup, when these things happen. Not quite as good as finding a crisp ten pound note lurking in the depths of a pocket of a seldom worn jacket but every little helps.

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wee sis says:

Well done you!! For a girl getting into skinny jeans after couple of years has the same effect! It will egg you on to lose more now – got the bug now at the gym probably too! I’ve lost the bug this month (and last, and the one before…) but I blame my job!!!

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