There is a sense of mild, but controlled, panic in the air.

I’ve only just realised that, a week today, we’ll be flying to Spain for a week in the sun. Don’t quite know how this has taken me by surprise but there you have it. All of a sudden I’m in the “pre-holiday zone” where every choice of t-shirt needs to be carefully considered, and the locating of cables, chargers and other sundry essentials starts in earnest.

That said, we are taking hand luggage only, and all I’ll need are:

  • 7 Books – already stacked and ready to go.
  • 5 t-shirts – I have so many t-shirts that I’ll just take whatever I pick up on Monday morning
  • 4 pairs of shorts – 2 longer ones for the evenings, 2 shorter ones for the sunbathing
  • 5 pairs of socks
  • 5 pairs of boxer shorts
  • 1 iPhone + cable
  • Speakers for iPhone
  • 1 Camera + battery charger
  • Mains USB socket
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Passport + Money
  • Toothbrush

Thankfully I’m pretty well organised to I can leave all of my packing until Monday morning. So the only real panic is deciding what music and movies to put on my iPhone. I mean, I’ve only got a week!!

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You’re not taking a swimming suit? Nude beaches then?

I usually pack the night before, if not hours before we go. Less is best!

wee sis says:

And this list helps me with my packing!!! Cheers bruv! So excited!

I too just noticed that you did not pack a swim suit. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Good thing you have a week to catch things like that. I suggest The Dark Knight if you have that available to put on your iPhone. Enjoy the trip!

I think it’s fantastic that the most you’r going to have on your feet is socks.

You’re probably right though they look daft with sandals or flip flops.

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