UA Conference

Later on this week I’ll be attending the UA Conference in Edinburgh. Formally known as the “Online Help Conference” it’s a long running conference which I last attended back in 2001 when it was held in Copenhagen. That conference involved a dinner cruise on the canals of the city, followed by a couple… ok several.. ok ok.. far too many beers, which culminated in my missing the opening session the next day (the shame!).

So, whilst it’s probably just as well I’m not staying over at this conference, it is likely I’ll partake of a beer or two.

Casting my eye down the list of speakers I’ve spotted some familiar names – Joe Welinske, Tony Self, Matthew Ellison, Dave Gash – and one name that I’m hoping to get to meet, Leisa Reichelt, whose blog I’ve been following for quite a while now. I’m wondering who else I’ll bump into? I’ve already arranged to catch up with an old colleague, and by old I mean a colleague from several years ago not a colleague who is old (sorry Sally!), and will be keeping my eyes open for any other names or faces that I recognise (I’m presuming that Ellis will be there).

Of course, as with any conference, there are a few sessions that have caught my eye as they mirror some of the things my team are currently heading towards, but I’m not sure I’ll be attending all the sessions so there will be plenty of chance to do some networking (I’m still not completely sure what that means, I tend to just go and talk to people, is that the same thing?).

So don’t be alarmed if a large Scotsman introduces himself to you, conversely if you spot me in the bar on Thursday evening (before everyone disappears off to dinner) then come and say hi (my mugshot can be found on my LinkedIn profile, see I’m not THAT scary).

And remember, mine’s a Guinness!


  1. Hey Ellis!!

    I believe Carol may be a key witness from the Copenhagen event, ohh dear…

    And I’m not turning up until the Thursday, so see you all then.

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