Does no-one care?

To my knowledge there is no Fake Gordon. This fact doesn’t disturb me unduly, I’m quite glad there isn’t a fake version of me on the internet.

However I am a little miffed that I’M not getting sent anything from some unknown stalker stranger… although, frankly, if I were, I’m not sure Care Bears would be all that welcomed.

For the record, I AM NOT FAKE SEVITZ.

If I was the address would read “FKAESEVITZ” 😉 …

Regardless, this is bizarrely funny. Bravo Fake Sevitz, Bravo!!

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  1. Adrian said:

    Hell, I’m pretty shocked at there being a FAKESEVIZT. Although I know who it is now (and really he should do some work)

    The question is. ….. is it wrong of me to buy fakesevitz clothes?

    July 25, 2008

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