Friday night

To celebrate the recent release of our product, the Development group had a wee night out, as is our wont.

A few of us (you know, the sensible ones) congregated in a Pizza Express for some food then nipped across the road to catchup with everyone else in Stavka, a vodka bar. It was a good laugh, and we managed to stay out of the trap of talking about work… well not too much anyway. And, as is the mark of a good night out, there are some details that are only emerging from the fuzzy depths of my brain today.

For example I’d forgotten when Alan licked the foam off the top of Joan’s Guinness, when Shelly fell on the dancefloor later on, and that Sid and Davy ended up having a snog. That’s a good night out, when everyone is in the same happy go lucky mood.

Ohh and, obviously, the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

That said it turns up that one of the last shots of the night WASN’T raspberry vodka after all… I’m not sure what it was but it was DEFINITELY that drink that tipped me over the edge.. honest.

Now just need to figure out who ended up going home with whom and I’ll have ALL the gossip. Hey, I work in ‘communications’, it’s important!


  1. Don’t know who’s who or what’s what.

    But vodka bars are trouble let me tell you.

    or maybe it’s you, last time you were here and I remember vodka shots, pizza express, and being drunk 2 days running …

  2. Adrian, much I’d like to admit to being the sole cause of your drunkeness… umm… well I can’t. My Mum is reading…

  3. Hi Mom Mclean.

    Your Gordon .. he’s a troublesome one. Got me very drunk.

    (well it may have been him, I don’t recall so much of the night)

  4. Hey Adrian -next time he’s legless ask him about the nail varnish incident or the talcum powder one. Ok Gordon, how much is my silence worth? 🙂

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