Laughing is good

It’s fair to say that we are both fairly stressed with the ongoing ‘lack of kitchen’ saga, so it’s been good to have a hearty chuckle over the past couple of days.

The cat flap we fitted for Ollie is working fine. It uses a magnetic lock to stop just any old feline wandering in, and means that Ollie now has a small magnet dangling from his collar. I’m sure there are other cats in the area with the same cat flap fitted in their homes but it will stop the strays getting in.

Unfortunately for Ollie, having a magnet attached to collar makes life… interesting… particularly when your food and water bowls are made of metal … *CLUNK* … or you have to walk past the washing machine as it’s currently sitting in the living room … *KLANK* … or you walk past the clean dishes, lying at the top of the stairs as they are currently being washed in the bathroom, and a spoon attaches itself to your collar … *CLINK*. Cue one bemused cat staring down at this spoon as it follows him along the hall… “But I’m not carrying it! Get it off me!!”.

We shouldn’t laugh at him of course, but we do…

And then, off to see Jimmy Carr last night. We started with some teppenyaki, and then we (my sister and her boyfriend were with us), headed over to the Clyde Auditorium.

Suffice to say (without wanting to spoil the show for others) that he was hilarious. I’d say he was edgy but that wouldn’t really sum up his brand of humour. What he does is very smart of course, taking the audience to a place where it’s ok to laugh at a particularly distasteful joke and then taking you one step further to shock you.

Peppered with one-liners, and a nicely handled ‘open session’ with lead to some arsehole just shouting abuse (which Jimmy handled excellently “You know, whenever I get someone like you in the audience I get a nice warm glow. After all, somewhere a carer is getting the night off…”) the highlight was probably the consistent way in which he related the jokes to two 14 year olds that were sitting in the front row….

A great show and a very smart, very funny man. If you get a chance to see him live, and you aren’t easily shocked (there are recurring themes of paedophilia for example) then go and see him.

Just be careful if you decide to heckle him. He is quietly and lethally brutal.

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I think one either loves or hates Jimmy Carr. I find him as funny as a trip to Tynecastle…

Really enjoy your blog though – more power to your keyboard!

mum says:

Laughing IS good for you – bet your blood pressure is down!

Cat. Magnet. Computer hard drive.

Recipe. For. Disaster.

Keep your videos and cassette tapes (if you still own any of those antiquated items) away from Ollie! I related the spoon attached to cat story to Henry and even in the second-hand telling of the story, it’s funny.

Ian's Mum says:

Simba lost his magnet and collar one weekend and we came home to a very sorry looking cat. He had been fed next door, but like me he is a home lover! Now flap is open to all and sundry. Only once had a visitor, we call him Hitler (wee tache)and Simba was outside kind of sobing. King of the jungle…I don’t think so. Hope your house gets beter soon. We are needing to start at the top and work down but all these horror stories put me off, I think we may settle for old tired house as they say on the ‘telly house progs.’.
See cats help blood pressure, could not eat a whole one though!

Debster says:

I think we need a photo of Ollie with his spoon.

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