Hello to ISTC Communicator Readers

I got home this evening to find the next issue of Communicator sitting on the mat. Thankfully it was in one piece so obviously the cat hadn’t found it…

Anyway, just to confirm that, yes, I am the same Gordon McLean who features in the final piece in the magazine. Worryingly that means you now know what I look like, so I can only hope it doesn’t put you off visiting my blog again in the future.

I’m also going to be featuring in the monthly newsletter, but more on that when it happens.

The article was a “day in the life” style piece and although re-reading it brought a few omissions to mind, it remains a fairly accurate portrayal of a typical working day. Truth be told I don’t actually have many days like that at the moment as we are nearing a release date but the main bones of the article are still valid.

For those that aren’t ISTC members (and why not?) I’ll be posting a copy of the article soon, meanwhile I’m off to read the rest of the magazine.