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The past week was comprised of several acres of sleeping, a variety of coughs from a phlegm-shifting bark to a wheezy airless hack, the swallowing of many small sharp edged rocks, and the application of an ever-tightening metal band around my head.

In other words, I have man-flu.

More technically, I have a chest infection (confined to my left lung) the result of which means I have 4 weeks worth of antibiotics to take. I’m on the mend.

Normal service will be resumed shortly.

6 Replies to “Intermission”

  1. I hope you’re feeling better and non-infectious soon!

    In the meantime, better living through chemistry! Take those pills and keep me in a job!

  2. No sympathy pains here sorry Bro but hope the pills kicking in now, be nice you’ve had Ollie to keep you company! Get well soon and maybe see you on Sunday if you are up to it xx

  3. Dont try and write anything if you have man-flu, thats how ‘Days of our lives’ started and trhe authors had to maintain that standard for years.

    If there is another explanation, then im all ears….cue wrong type of background music….

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