Muji Manifesto

Can’t recall where I saw this but it struck a chord so I grabbed the main tenets with a view to expounding on them at a later date.

However, as simplicity suggests, I really don’t need to bother.

  • Because there is complexity in purity.
  • Elegance in plainness.
  • Intricacy in streamlining.
  • Richness in reduction.
  • Depth in minimalism.
  • Surprise in uniformity.
  • Innovation in re-use.
  • Cool in the avoidance of cool.
  • And there is true sophistication in simplicity.

These were not written about Technical Communications but they might as well have been. I’m seriously considering printing these off and pinning them up on the wall.


  1. In technical writing, less has always been more.

    If you think it’s about constructing complex sentences with flamboyant phrasing that shows off your literary skills, you are in the wrong job.

    The user needs to acquire the knowledge she needs to solve her problem pronto.

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