I am a star!

OK, I’m not really, I have a tendency to mumble and, being Scottish, I talk faster than most (I put this down to the speed at which Scottish women talk, you have to be fast to get a word in edgeways.. ). My mind wanders off topic quite easily and I tend to try off-the-cuff jokes. However I have given a presentation to a room full of strangers before but this time I may not be the only expert in the room…

These are all things I know I need to be aware of on Wednesday when I give my presentation on “Using Wikis for Collaborative Authoring” to the TICAD conference attendees.

However, I think my presentation is OK. It’s not going to “knock ’em dead”, I don’t think, but I think I’ve pitched it right and hopefully I won’t trip myself up too often. I’m going to run through it twice more before Wednesday and, as yet, I’m not hugely nervous about it. I know the topic well enough, and I think I could even talk through it if the conference system fails so that should stand me in some good stead. Mind you, ask me that at 3pm on Wednesday and I’m sure you’ll get a different answer. Still, I know that is all part of the experience and I have to admit I am genuinely looking forward to it.

It is a little odd, as this is my first time as a conference speaker, to be on the ‘other side’ of a conference and I’m not really that sure what to expect. My slot is right after the ‘breakout’ sessions, with a coffee break preceding me and the rather awesome Bernard Aschwanden following me. Which reminds me that I must ask him about the theme of his session “A Vision of the Future” as I’m slightly wary of treading on his toes (he’s shorter than me though so it’s not too much of an issue…).

Still, at least I’m not right after lunch.

If you are coming along to the conference, then please say hello. I’ll be there from Tuesday evening at the pre-conference dinner, and I’ll most definitely be in the bar on Wednesday evening. Mine’s a Guinness.