There's a kind of hush

We will not be mentioning the football.

Apart from saying well done as, to be honest, to even get to the last game with a chance of qualification and then giving the World Champions a bloody good run for their money was far more than anyone dared to hope (and this is where I DON’T mention the ball that McFadden should’ve squared across the area, nor the opportunity he missed, and I’m not even going to touch on the freekick that led to the Italian winner as it’s not even worthy of the name “freekick”…).

The rest of the evening was merry, and we even managed to get a Greek waiter at our Italian restaurant. The meal was OK, although I’ve never really understood why Italian restaurants are so expensive (pasta, chicken, spinach, onion, cream, white wine… ยฃ12.95?!), and the company was excellent. Alas the torrential rain put the dampers on proceedings, although given the state of my hangover yesterday that is probably no bad thing.

It did mean I got to watch a few old movies as the TV channels seem to have started their Christmas broadcasting early. My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Matilda, See No Evil Hear No Evil, Spiderman, The Usual Suspects. The quality improved throughout the day, and it’s always a pleasure to watch Kevin Spacey in action (twice as it happened, couldn’t have told you he was in the other movie…).

I travel to Warwick tomorrow, then back on Thursday, so bloggage will be light. I will try and do something exciting whilst I’m there though, just to keep you all amused. Although there are limits to how much excitement you can generate in a room full of Technical Writers..

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