Random thoughts from the weekend

Dear God, the Jewel of the Nile is an awful movie.

Managed to avoid just about every mention of Diana. It really sucks sharing an anniversary with that event. Still, it does mean I never forget it. Not that I would, of course… MY anniversary I mean…

Billie Piper, her wot was in Doctor Who, is set to play Belle de Jour on TV. Yes, THAT Belle de Jour. How come she hasn’t been outed yet? Is there some level of acceptance of her ‘exploits’ because she is a prostitute? Does the ‘profession’ mean it’s sort of OK, but if you are a natural woman who enjoys sex, that’s bad and evil? Double standards anyone?

Big Brother is finished. Thank feck. A fan from previous years, this year grated on me more than normal.

I may need to start saving for another Mac. Everytime I go to use it SOMEONE is using it.

There is something satisfying about washing a car, something almost sensual and erotic. Soapy sponge, running over the sleek curves. Most odd. Am I a pervert?

I have never seen all of the movie BeetleJuice so I don’t understand why it’s not called Betelgeuse…

Hang on, can I install OSX on my Dell box? Dual boot maybe?

Is Twitter killing blogging? 😉


  1. Meeester and I got married exactly one year before Diana’s death on 31st August 1996. One year later I woke up on 31st August 1997, took a pregnancy test and found out I was pregnant with my first child. Then I switched on the telly.

    A very strange day. Cleopatra died that day too.

    Happy Anniversary to all of us!

  2. belle de jour is supposedly a male journalist – something that the journalist from the observer actually confirmed to me – without outing his name.

    so this myth about BdJ may well be true after all.

  3. Wow that’s brilliant. Are you sure it’s “his” name? Not “hers”? Always thought BdJ was a load of tosh, and that kind of confirms it. What a lot of red faces there are going to be!

    How do you make it a movie though? Is there any plot?

  4. 1. Never seen it.
    2. Likewise, almost totally avoided the whole retro-slushfest.
    3. BdJ has been exceptionally cautious, and her agent and publishers have been exceptionally loyal. She’s not a male journalist, neither.
    4. K and I thought it was one of the better series! Way too much producer manipulation, but well casted, and we liked the relative non-freakiness and comparative bonhomie, especially towards the end.
    5. They scare me. Because I don’t understand them, and I’m resistant to change.
    6. I’ve never washed a car!
    7. Mmmkay… 🙂
    8. Yerwotpet?
    9. That danger has passed. We’re in a post-Twitter-honeymoon age now…

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