Still in Reading, travelling home tomorrow and apologies to those who offered to meet up, I’ve barely left the hotel but have had two cracking nights with some very smart people, some of whom have told me some of the dirtiest jokes I’ve heard for a while.

And no, of course I can’t remember them… I’m not a tee-totaller you know…

Anyway, I’ll be writing my thoughts up on my other blog if you are interested.

Ohh and I’ll hopefully get my gordonmclean.co.uk domain sorted out… and a myriad of other things that haven’t budged an inch… mind you I’ve got a few hours on the train tomorrow so I might at the very least get my notes typed up.

I can tell you are all just FASCINATED, let’s move on, shall we?

To everyone who responded to my request and left a comment, many thanks. It’s been food for thought, as well as offering up some new blogs, always a good thing. More on that later of course, you know how I love to over-analyse…

Ohhh, the late nights, booze and 5-star food is kicking in, time for bed methinks. Come back soon and I’ll regale you with tales of a hugely uneventful train journey, and the joys of conference freebies.

Or maybe not.

* Bit of a in-joke this one, a mix of DITA and the ‘chicken chicken’ presentation.


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