Drawn to Water

Reading time: 4 mins

Recently, Hg was musing on how he is “fascinated by the sparseness of the planet’s polar extremes and specifically by artistic responses to the territory”. He quote from Brian Keenan’s book, Four Quarters of Light, and it’s such a great quote that I have to repeat it here: “Wilderness to the creative mind is like…

Hicky Burpday Jen!

Reading time: < 1 min

Is it wrong to schedule a blog post in case you forget to phone your sister on her birthday?? Only kidding, Happy Birthday Jen, hope you have a good one!

Costa de la destinación Tropical

Reading time: 2 mins

OK, if this link works correctly, the cross marks the exact position on the roof terrace where I’ll spend most of my days next week. The beach is just too far (well not really … scroll down that page a little… ). The weather looks ok, and I’ve got a fully loaded iPod and a…

Writing isn’t important

Reading time: 2 mins

Like most professionals I’m a member of various mailing lists, all of which deal with very similar issues, usually with overlapping people and discussions as well. The field of Technical Communications is wide and varied but there is always one type of query which is guaranteed to get a response… or 50 responses… sometimes more….

Gordon's Mum Writes

Reading time: 2 mins

Whilst I’ve written about this in the past (thanks to Donalda, who STILL doesn’t have a blog and I think she’d be a big hit, for finding it for me), my Mum has responded to a recent request for the “Gordon Gordon” story. I’ve never tried guest authors, but as it’s my Mum… mind you,…

Two questions

Reading time: < 1 min

1. Is there a word in the english language that is solely used to describe the moonlight/sunlight reflecting on the water? 2. How would I go about copyrighting written material? Neither are for me, before you ask, but if anyone has any good pointers (particularly for the latter as the web is awash with conflicting…