Tonight was the start of the next 10 week block of JogScotland. In 10 weeks time I’ll be running for a complete hour. Based on tonight it’s gonna be a hard slog.

On the other hand, if every evening I go out for a run in are as stunningly gorgeous as it was tonight then it’s gonna be a hard slog whilst admiring some gorgeously stunning skies and sunsets.

We occasionally jog alongside the lake in Strathclyde Park, and tonight, as the sun started plunging towards the horizon, we were doubly treated as the ripple-less water reflected every aching inch of the sky in perfect detail. Disturbed only by occasional serenely gliding swan, I could hardly tear my eyes from the surface as it slowly darkened from sunlight blue to peach to orange.

It was just lovely and reminds me of one of the reasons I enjoy running. It’s really quite obvious and I’m not sure why I haven’t realised this before, but the simple fact is that I just love being outdoors.

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Gah! I haven’t been able to run for ages and not sure when I’ll be able to again – not for a fair while and will have to build it up very slowly.

This is a nice time of year to be running – before it gets too hot – enjoy!

Good to hear! I’m entirely with you on how beautiful it can be at the moment, although generally my runs are at the other end of the day in the crisp morning light, it’s been really beautiful this last while. As I work from home, running is rapidly becoming my (much more pleasant) substitute for a commute.

Sounds like you’re picking up the distance nicely too. I’m just starting a training plan with a view to the Glasgow half marathon in September – You going to be entering that?

Half? the 10K maybe…

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