Kit-Kat Kate

Kate is meeting her husband to go shopping, as she’s early she decides to go for a cup of coffee. At the counter she hums and haws over the cakes but ends up picking a two-finger Kit-Kat to have with her coffee. As she turns away from the checkout she realises that there aren’t many seats available so she wanders over to a bench and asks the man sitting there if she can sit down next to him.

He shuffles over a bit and says “no problem”.

Kate sits down, quickly checks her mobile before putting it back in her bag, and drinks a mouthful of coffee. She picks up the Kit-Kat, snaps off a finger and slowly starts to nibble at it. Suddenly the man reaches over, picks up the remaining Kit-Kat finger, and munches it down in two bites.

Kate is gobsmacked, but before she can say anything the man has gotten up, and wandered over to the counter where he orders a slice of cake. Without even glancing her direction, he goes and sits down at another table.

Kate watches this with amazement, who the hell does he think he is!! ‘I’ll show him!’ she thinks.

She snatches up her bag, marches over to his table where, without saying a word, she reaches out, picks up his slice of cake and takes a large bite. Her point made, she turns on her heel and marches out of the cafe.

Outside, she reaches into her bag to find her phone and, with a look that quickly switches from puzzlement to horror, she pulls out a two-finger Kit-Kat.

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Gordon says:

Are yousure this is true? It’s an awful lot like the bit in The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

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