The leaves are turning, the nights are “fair drawing in”, and there is a chill on the wind. Winter jackets are extracted from the back of the wardrobe – what does that mean? My wardrobe has a pole running across it, not front to back – and are drawn tightly around goose-bumped bodies. I do like this part of autumn, same as I like the start of spring. I enjoy change.

And so, as October draws to a close, the kids start dressing up for Halloween. As they wander past the Christmas trees in shop windows, they stop to stare at the Guy Fawkes fireworks whizzing and banging overhead…

Hang on, that’s not right. Is it?

I realise that Halloween and Guy Fawkes are pretty close to each other on the calendar, but what is with the Christmas trees? It’s still October! Is this commercialisation getting worse or am I just noticing it more as I grow older (and yes, it’s probably a bit of both).

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